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1.7.8 Appendix - contradiction matrix parameters 16- 20

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16 Partial or Excessive Actions

If you can’t achieve 100 percent of a desired effect – then go for more or less

■ Over spray when painting, then remove excess

■ Fill, then ‘ top off ’ when pouring a pint of Guinness

■ Shrink wrapping process uses plastic deformation of wrapping to accommodate variations in vacuum pressure

■ ‘ Roughing ’ and ‘ Finish ’ machining operations

■ Over-fill holes with plaster and then rub back to smooth

17 Another Dimension

A. Move into an additional dimension – from one to two – from two to three

■ Coiled telephone wire

■ Curved bristles on a brush

■ Pizza - box with ribbed (as opposed to flat) base

■ Spiral staircase uses less floor area

■ Introduction of down and up slopes between stations on railway reduces overall power requirements

B. Go single storey or layer to multi-storey or multi-layered

■ Player with many CD ’ s

■ Stacked or multi-layered circuit boards

■ multi-storey Car parks & offi ce blocks-Stacking

C. Incline, tilt or re-orient the object, lay it on its side

■ Cars on road transporter inclined to save space

D. Use ‘ another side ’ of a given area

■ Press a groove onto both sides of a record

■ Mount electronic components on both sides of a circuit board

■ Print text around the rim of a coin

■ Paper clip – works by pressing both sides of paper together

18 Mechanical Vibration

A. Cause an object to oscillate or vibrate

■ Electric carving knife with vibrating blades

■ Shake/stir paint to mix before applying

■ Hammer drill

■ Vibration exciter removes voids from poured concrete

■ Vibrate during sieving operations to improve throughput

■ Musical instrument

■ Vibratory conveyor

■ Mobile phones

B. Increase its frequency (even up to the ultrasonic)

■ Dog - whistle (transmit sound outside human range)

■ Ultrasonic cleaning

■ Non - destructive crack detection using ultrasound

C. Use an object ’ s resonant frequency

■ Destroy gallstones or kidney stones using ultrasonic resonance

■ Bottle cleaning by pulsing water jet at resonant frequency of bottles

■ Tuning fork

■ Increase action of a catalyst by vibrating it at its resonant frequency

D. Use piezoelectric vibrators instead of mechanical ones

■ Quartz crystal oscillations drive high accuracy clocks

■ Piezoelectric vibrators improve fluid atomisation from a spray nozzle

■ Optical phase modulator

E. Use combined ultrasonic and electromagnetic fi eld oscillations (Use external elements to create oscillation/vibration)

■ Mixing alloys in an induction furnace

■ Sono - chemistry

■ Ultrasonic drying of films – combine ultrasonic with heat source

19 Periodic Action

A. Instead of continuous action, use periodic or pulsating actions

■ Hitting something repeatedly with a hammer

■ Pile drivers and hammer drills exert far more force for a given weight

■ Replace continuous siren with a pulsed sound

■ Pulsed bicycle lights make cyclist more noticeable to drivers

■ Pulsed vacuum cleaner suction improves collection performance

■ Pulsed water jet cutting

■ ABS car braking systems

B. If an action is already periodic, change the periodic magnitude or frequency

■ Improve a pulsed siren with changing amplitude and frequency

■ Dots and dashes in Morse Code transmissions

■ Use AM, FM, PWM to transmit information

C. Use pauses between actions to perform a different action

■ Clean barrier filters by back - flushing them when not in use

■ Inkjet printer cleans heads between passes

■ Brush between suction pulses in vacuum cleaner

■ Multiple conversations on the same telephone transmission line

■ Use of energy storage means – e.g. batteries, fly - wheels, etc

20 Continuity of Useful Action

A. Carry on work without a break. All parts of an object operating constantly at full capacity

■ Flywheel stores energy when a vehicle stops, so the motor can keep running at optimum power

■ Constant output gas turbine in hybrid car, or APU in aircraft, runs at highest efficiency all the time it is switched on

■ Constant speed/variable pitch propeller

■ Self - tuning engine – constantly tunes itself to ensure maximum effi ciency

■ Heart pacemaker

■ Improve composting process by continuously turning material

■ Continuous glass or steel production

B. Eliminate all idle or intermittent motion

■ Self - cleaning/self - emptying fi lter eliminates down - time

■ Print during the return of a printer carriage – dot matrix printer, daisy wheel printers, inkjet printers

■ Digital storage media allow ‘ instant ’ information access

■ Kayaks use double - ended paddle to utilise recovery stroke

■ Computer operating systems utilise idle periods to perform necessary housekeeping tasks


TRIZ for Engineers: Enabling Inventive Problem Solving, First Edition. Karen Gadd.

© 2011 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd. Published 2011 by John Wiley & Sons, Ltd. ISBN: 978-0-470-74188-7

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