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1.7.6 Appendix - contradiction matrix parameters 6-10

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6 Universality

Make an object perform multiple functions; eliminate the need for other parts

■ Child ’ s car safety seat converts to a pushchair

■ Home entertainment centre

■ Swiss Army knife

■ Grill in a microwave oven

■ CD used as a storage medium for multiple data types

■ Cleaning strip at beginning of a cassette tape cleans tape heads

■ Cordless drill also acts as screwdriver, sander, polisher, etc

7 Nested Doll

A. Place one object inside another; place each object, in turn, inside the other

■ Retractable aircraft under - carriage

■ Voids in 3D structures

■ Injected cavity - wall insulation

■ Paint - brush attached to inside of lid of nail - varnish, etc.

■ Lining inside a coat

B. Place multiple objects inside others

■ Nested tables

■ Telescope

■ Measuring cups or spoons

■ Stacking chairs

■ Multi - layer erosion/corrosion coatings

C. Make one part pass (dynamically) through a cavity in the other

■ Telescopic car aerial

■ Retractable power - lead in vacuum cleaner

■ Seat belt retraction mechanism

■ Tape measure

8 Anti -weight

A. To compensate for the weight (downward tendency) of an object, merge it with other objects that provide lift

■ Kayak with foam floats built into hull cannot sink

■ Aerostatic aeroplane contains lighter - than - air pockets

■ Hot air or helium balloon.

■ Swim - bladder inside a fish

■ Flymo cutting blade produces lift

B. To compensate for the weight (downward tendency) of an object, make it interact with the environment (e.g. use aerodynamic, hydrodynamic, buoyancy and or global lift forces)

■ Vortex generators improve lift of aircraft wings

■ Wing - in - ground effect aircraft

■ Hydrofoils lift ship out of the water to reduce drag

■ Make use of centrifugal forces in rotating systems (e.g. Watt governor)

■ Maglev train uses magnetic repulsion to reduce friction

9 Prior Counteraction

A. When it is necessary to perform an action with both harmful and useful effects, this should be replaced with anti - actions to control harmful effects

■ Make clay pigeons out of ice or dung – they just melt away

■ Masking objects before harmful exposure: use a lead apron for X - rays

■ use masking tape when painting difficult edges etc.

■ Predict effects of signal distortion – compensate before transmitting

■ Buffer a solution to prevent harm from extremes of Ph

B. Create beforehand stresses in an object that will oppose known undesirable working stresses later on

■ Pre - stress rebar before pouring concrete

■ Pre - stressed bolts

■ Decompression chamber to prevent divers getting the bends

10 Prior Action

A. Perform the required change of an object in advance (either fully or partially)

■ Pre - pasted wall paper

■ Sterilize all instruments needed for a surgical procedure

■ Self - adhesive stamps

■ Holes cut before sheet - metal part formed

■ Pre - impregnated carbon fibre reduces lay-up time and improves “ wetting ”

■ Impregnated plasters

■ Chilled cocktail glasses

B. Pre-arrange objects such that they can come into action from the most convenient place and without losing time for their delivery

■ Manufacture flow-lines

■ Pre-deposited blad

■ Car jack, wheel brace, and spare tyre stored together

■ Collect all the tools and materials for the job before


TRIZ for Engineers: Enabling Inventive Problem Solving, First Edition. Karen Gadd.

© 2011 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd. Published 2011 by John Wiley & Sons, Ltd. ISBN: 978-0-470-74188-7

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